Sunday, July 14, 2024

Pakistani dramas have crossed all moral boundaries

Obscenity and nudity are on the rise in Pakistani dramas. Imran Khan’s government wants to make Pakistan a state of Medina. But obscenity is spreading very fast in Pakistani dramas. And on this occasion, PEMRA seems helpless. PEMRA’s job is to ban Pakistani dramas that are against our Islamic ideology and moral values. But on this issue, PEMRA itself is playing the role of a silent spectator.

In the video clip of the above drama, it can be seen that senior Pakistani actress Hina Khawaja Bayat is using some immoral dialogue. Hina Bayat tells another actress how to please her boss physically if you want to get a job. I can’t even write the immoral phrases used by actress Hina Khawaja here. There is a lot of grief and anger on social media regarding this drama. And they are demanding that PEMRA ban this drama as soon as possible.

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