Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Amna Ilyas faces severe criticism from Pakistani internet users after her bold photo shoot

Amna Ilyas is a notable Pakistani model. She also showed off her acting skills. She started her acting career with a TV drama with Azfar Rehman, and her filmmaking was a success. The actress is also participating in a theatrical remake of the play. These days she is coming into drama with Junaid Khan.

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Recently, the actress has come under severe public criticism due to her recent photos. The actress has recently uploaded pictures in a bold, glittery maroon gown; her leg is prominent, and she has posed from all sides. Netizens did not accept her bold dress and started beating her.

By the way, Amna Ilyas is often criticized for her choice of clothes. Similarly, fans are again angry with her latest bold pictures; they started bashing her. They believe Amna is trying to become a cheaper version of Nora Fathi. They are calling her wrong even if she wears such clothes. They also comment on her personality, face, and body.

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