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Benefits of Fasting for Your Health

Human experiments and observations have revealed that fasting has numerous benefits. Fasting helps control diabetes, blood pressure, and human weight and is also essential for better brain function.

According to medical experts, fasting protects a person from various medical diseases and leads to an increase in the human age. Fasting during the month of Ramadan not only purifies the soul but also solves many problems of the body. Along with religious worship, fasting also brings physical benefits.

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Fasting helps properly function various chemical factors during the body’s digestive system, which helps absorb essential nutrients from the food.

On the other hand, due to fasting, the liver gets to rest for four to six hours, which is impossible without fasting. If even a tenth of a small amount of food enters the stomach, the entire digestive system starts working. Then after that, the liver immediately starts its work. Medical experts say that the interval of liver rest should be one month a year.

Fasting does not cause weakness in the body, but only the interval between two meals is slightly longer than usual.

During fasting, the blood volume decreases, providing a very beneficial rest to the heart. Through it comes to comfort and peace.

Fasting reduces stress on the muscles. This stress on the muscles is significant for the heart. Diastolic pressure is always low during fasting, i.e., the heart is at rest. Moreover, today’s man is prone to severe stress and depression due to the specific conditions of modern life. Fasting for one month of Ramadan is especially beneficial for these body functions by reducing diastolic pressure.

Fasting rids the body of impurities. After spending an extended part of the day fasting, the waste materials and other irregular substances in the human body disappear.

Fasting keeps mental functions active and reduces the hormone cortisol in the body, which decreases nervous pressure. A study has revealed that fasting increases the number of brain cells and makes the brain work better. Fasting during Ramadan calms the mind and nerves.

Abstinence from food and drink due to fasting in Ramadan Sharif provides an opportunity to provide energy to the accumulated fat in the human body while also helping to dissolve the harmful substances present in the body.

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