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Baby Care: How to Take Care of a Newborn

A new member in the house brings a lot of happiness to the whole family, everyone is ready to care and love him at all times. The responsibility of taking care of a small child is a huge responsibility. They are delicate and sensitive, so they have to be very careful while laying down, holding, feeding, bathing and changing clothes.

The place and things around the baby should be clean. Mothers themselves need to be clean all the time. Proper care of the baby requires that its clothes are soft and not so. In which cotton or threads are coming out and the clothes should not be washed with strong scented detergents.

How to Take Care of a Newborn Baby ( Urdu )

All these things can cause allergies to the baby’s sensitive skin. Do not use powder on the skin of newborn babies. Instead, massage the baby’s skin gently with high-quality baby oil. Powder particles. It can harm the baby if it gets into the nose, eyes, or mouth. Care should also be taken when bathing babies. Do not hold their limbs tightly or let their hands and feet touch the tub. Because their organs are fragile and thus there is a possibility of damage to them. Skin Care A newborn’s skin is delicate and thin, so it needs special protection all year round. Avoid direct ultraviolet rays from the sun, especially in summer, and be careful.

In summer, wear light clothes and a hat. If the child gets sunburned, consult a doctor immediately. In winter, cover the child’s skin with warm clothes as much as possible. Care of nails Newborn babies’ nails are small, soft, and thin; if they are not trimmed in time, touching the baby’s hand can scratch his face. Babies nails grow fast, so their nails should be carefully trimmed. Keep cutting every week or ten days with them and cut, so they do not damage their finger. Dental protection Infants should be protected from the very beginning. You should take a clean cotton cloth, wet it with clean water, and gently rub it on the baby’s gums. Try to do this after feeding the baby. If or feeder is given, be aware that this can damage the baby’s teeth. Sleep considerations Newborn babies sleep 15 to 18 hours a day in the first three months, but their sleep duration is not more than three to four hours, day or night. Check out these signs that your baby is sleepy

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