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Relieve Trapped Gas, Bloating, and Acid Reflux Naturally

Stomach gas is a common problem called flatulence or stomach gas. It is explained in detail below. Keep reading to learn more about the causes, symptoms, and treatment of stomach gas.

Causes of Stomach Gas

Common causes of stomach gas include:

1. Eating fast

When you eat fast, you don’t chew your food correctly, which results in gas. Due to fast eating, large chunks of food enter our bodies, so the stomach takes a long time to digest them. Therefore, you must eat according to the Sunnah to eat slowly and chew.

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2. Unnecessary use of soda and cold drink

Nowadays, it is becoming a habit of every servant that along with eating food, they must use soda, i.e. Coke and Pepsi; besides, if they become a guest in someone’s house, they also use Coke there. Coke or Pepsi is considered like a poison, and when this poison reaches our body, the bubbles in it cause our stomach to swell and gas starts to form.

Diet Coke plays a hazardous role in gas formation. If you can’t eliminate this habit, at least make it a point to let the bottle sit for a while after opening it to reduce the carbonation and gas in your stomach. be born

3. High consumption of packaged food

If food is high in sodium, it causes gas in the stomach. Canned foods from the market, like soups, tomatoes, ketchup, and salads, may seem highly nutritious, but they contain extreme amounts of sodium. If you want to get rid of stomach gas, avoid foods containing sodium as much as possible.

4. Eating before going to bed

Having dinner at 6 pm does not cause gas, but if dinner is eaten late, it is a major cause of gas in the stomach, and falling asleep after eating puts a burden on the stomach and causes gas. Therefore, taking a walk after eating is essential to help digestion and then lying down to sleep.

Causes of Stomach Gas

Consuming chilli spices and yachting items frequently

The role of bacteria in the body in gas formation

Do not absorb dairy products or sugars in the stomach

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