Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Onion Magic: Effective Techniques to Repel Cockroaches and Lizards

Cockroaches are often found in people’s homes in winter or summer. It is common to see it in the corners of the house, around the stove or towards the washroom and drains, and then the lizards come to play on your walls.

Take proactive steps to utilize onions, as we have already implemented all necessary measures to remove them. You might not know it before today, but we are telling you that onion is the natural enemy of these animals.


Grind the onion well and extract its water.

Mix one spoon of baking powder and one spoon of lemon juice well.

Add onion water and, if desired, filter it to prepare pure water.

Now put it in a spray bottle and shake it well.

Spray this water all over the house and close it for 1 hour.

* You will see that many red bugs will have died from the smell of onion, and the lizard will also be suffocating.

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